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Agricultural and Pastoral Associations were born in New Zealand to promote farming and excellence in stock, and the Lake County A&P Society will celebrate its 100th Show in 2015.  The Show has been run every year since 1904 with the exception of some of the war years.

Nowadays this district has moved from an area thriving on gold recovery and agriculture to a district driven by development and tourism. Many farms have been subdivided into lifestyle blocks as the population in the Wakatipu grows. Barren landscapes have been divided up and vineyards now grace our valleys. Much of the traditional high country has been retired back to the Crown to allow for reserves and public access, gone are many of the Merino sheep that roamed the hills, only to be replace by people.

However there are still a few working stations and farms that have not fallen to development within the Wakatipu basin and it is with the enthusiasm and passion of some of these farmers and run holders that the Lake Hayes Show exists today. Time has changed the overall perspective but it is still the community’s A&P Show, and that is what has inspired our new 21st century events.

The Lake Hayes Show is not big by other New Zealand standards, but it is a fun day out for the family, exhibitors and competitors. We are restricted to a certain extent by the area of the Show Grounds and the terrain but we do have one of the best outlooks of any other Show Ground in the country.

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